Monday, July 13, 2015

Athens - The City of Gods

LOL, this is going back few months, back in March (mid-term break). Before the crisis happening storm Greece, I had the opportunity to paid Athens and Santorini (in the following post iA) a short yet meaningful visit. I just stayed for 2 nights in Athens and the rest of the week in the Santorini, paradise on earth I'll say.

Athens' aerial view.
For the history lovers, all the history teachers, Athens will bring the histories to live. All the things that I read and force-ly remembered during high school was just in front of my very own eyes. All the history of greek god, their ancient building etc are still erect till these day. What an opportunity aite? Thanks Allah.

And on the second day strolling around Athens "en pied" - yerlah perjalanan ekonomi, we bumped with our korean-canadian mate. Yeah, this time, me jalan-jalan with two gugurls. Liar - roar2x.

Bumped into Paul at Parthenon.
On top of Athens.
The so popular architecture; Acropolis of Athena.
Short walk to Temple of Pantheon
Thankfully, the historical monuments in Athens isn't scatter around far far from one another. So, en pied kind-a travelling totally OK - bit tired lah. LOL. One more thing, as a student (I think just EU student), you can claim entry to all these historical monument for free. Yes, free people except the Olympic Stadium, you got to pay to enter, thus am not.

And according to my understanding and some reading, the Olympic held by Greece few years back is one of the causes of Greece today's crisis. They didn't manage to obtain untung from the even thus causing deficit in money and leading to bankruptcy that is happening at the moment. What a sad thing aite? Hope Greece will survive.

Huge rocky stadium.
Skirty guard that is everywhere in Europe.
One the very last evening in Athens, I spend to entire evening sitting and observing people and culture here. Athens is indeed beautiful and full of mixed culture from Middle East and Europe. The food here is cheap or affordable I'd say. Plus, here in Athens you can always bargain. love that challenge. LOL

Main square
Let's keep praying for the best for Greece. You guys can beat it for sure =).

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