Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Portugal

It had been an awesome 21 days of travelling, back-packing to be exact. The excitement, fatigue, boring-ness etc were all there along the journey. But still, instead of just sitting at home, I prefer to take the chances, exploring other people countries and culture, food too while at it. 

So after final for my third semesta which alhamdulillah turn out well, I fly off to Portugal as my first of the many stops. Lisbon to be exact. A city that look damn stunning from the eagle eyes by indeed bit unorganised from the street view. 

Taman Bendera.
Stunning aite.
As I said, the city was indeed gorgeous from top. This is the view from uphill where the old castle located. Bit similar in architecture to Malacca as they once colonise us kan. LOL. I spend almost an hour here, waiting for the sun to set.

At the main square.
Owh yes, I spend the entire 21 days travelling with this lad. I was an amazing trip indeed. It is much easier travelling as a couple compared to in a larger group. Trust me, am an expert. LOL, joking. It is basically depend on how you prefer to spend your holidays actually. Both have its owh pro's and con's.

Ascensor Bica. A historic lift.
Portugesse Egg Tarts.
You cannot said that you'd been to Portugal without trying it's tart. It's like you went to Paris but wasn't going to Laduree or to Italy but wasn't enjoying its pasta. The tart was delicious and amazing. I just can't really recall the name of the restaurant but if you look thru TripAdvisor, this is in their recommended list.

Old Town.
After 2 night in Lisbon, I am off to Faro. A small town located in the South Portugal, in the Algarve region. A small, clean yet better city I got to say than  Lisbon itself. If I am ask to choose a place to live in Portugal, I'll say Faro.

Ferry Trip.
Due to time constriction and overly schedule holidays, I just spend a night here which actually not enough. I'll make sure to come back here again in future. Promise. But before leaving the city to Spain, I managed to grab the specialty here, Grilled Sardines that turn out to be quite, no very salty and hypertension risk factor. Still, the prawn salad was simple tantalising. 


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