Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Break 2014: Italy

This break ended with a week meaningful visit to Italy. I stopped at 5 different city, and indeed different city I left have different story that surely memorable enough to be remembered.

First stop, Milan. A simple small town with lots of branded outlets.

Shopping Street.
Milan Cathedral.
Then, I leave to Venice. A popular city with gondola and story of romance. Best destination for honeymoon konon-nyer.

Rialto Bridge.
Grand Canal
More canal with extra edited work.
Sunset from my Hotel. 
San Marco Square.
Ferry trip to Burano and Tolerdo.
Dunlop-paint island.
Then a coffee stop in Florence. We just stop here for about 7 hours, waiting for the connection train from Venice to Pisa.

On the next day, we paid a visit to this cliche monument, Pisa Leaning Tower.

Pisa I
Pisa II.
Pisa III.
The very last stop before I headed home, Rome. I love the city, full of amazing architecture and indeed lots of cheap food here as well.

Vatican City. 
Last dinner HRC.
The entire 22 days of travelling was indeed amazing. Adios.

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Asyraf Harun said...

bestnyerrr lah wehhhh (insert crying emoji here) how much total damage anyway? later can give me the itenary tau!