Wednesday, March 4, 2015

UCD Malaysian Night 2015

The night had come and thanks Allah it was a great success. All the hard work and training for 6 months had been paid on the night. Performing 2 years in a row and indeed am really proud of it. Ha3x. Without knowing, I actually do love dancing and more shocking, am quite good at it. LOL. This year, I am the one responsible in choreographing for Malay dance and syukur menjadik.

Les Dancers.
The whole night was a blessed. All the performances were spectacular and gorgeous. Everyone dress up, showing the true colour of Malaysian custom. One of the night that I would not forget, FOREVER.

All the hustle and bustle to the night, Tuesday night practise, extra practises, the argument, the fight, the laugh and talk were all wonderful. It is true that a great moment is made with great people.

As am performing on the night, maka not so many selfies nor wefies managed to be captured. Even a normal photo pun not so much. Nvm, all these single photo had have it thousand stories already.

With my co-choreo, Syamim. 
Thanks for coming.
Thanks for coming as well Fareez.
And more photos after the show. After party katenye, without the wine and champagne absolutely.

The mastermind of the show. 
With ze famili. 
The performer.
Bunchies from RCSI & Shiva.
And this night mark as the first night I ever received a bouquet of flower. Okeyh, takdelah bouquet sangat, 5 kuntum ajer but still I am truly excited. Who don't aite. Thanks to my "junior" dancers for the flower. You guys are indeed that kind of budies.

In all, the night was indeed, again A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. We even make it to uni's paper. How cool is that aite. Orang putih puji kowt. LOL. Link to the paper: UCD UO .

To sum up here are the videos of the night. Just the one yang ade I okeyh. Ha3x. Want more, go youtubing yourself k.

Lastly, awesome aite. Ha3x. Still can't get over it. Am keep watching them over and over again. Thanks all for the opportunity.

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Asyraf Harun said...

cayalah anon!! #clapclapclap
me cannot dance at all thou hu hu #stickperson #sociallyawkward