Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Parc du Disneyland, Paris

Fun, fun and loads of fun. Here is where our imagination come alive. There are nothing much too say but being here for a full day long is totally worth it and amazing. As we bought the ticket at the entrance, we were able to get student price which is way cheaper than booking online; at euro48 instead of euro70 if booking online. But to allow your enter the park as soon as possible, please arrived at around 9.50-10.00am. 

Front gate.
The castle. 
Me and castle.
First ride, terrifying.
Second rite, happy.
The other sight of disneyland.
Third ride, arghhhhh.
Star wars' space ship. 
Fourth ride, giggle.
Off to toon land.
Front gates. 
The euro48 entrance fee will allow you to enter two different park, disneyland and walt disney studio. Both park have their own attractiveness. Even they were build for children, but me was still enjoying all the games, rides and environment entirely.

Disney parade.
The mess.
More me.
Night life. 
Firework I.
Firework II.
Firework III.
The experiences were priceless.

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