Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Paris, France

Norm to be an oversea student is to visit this so-called city of love, Paris. Indeed visiting Paris is like visiting the whole France as the whole history of France begin here. The city is indeed beautiful with lots of spectacular view that surely gonna make you astonish. Still, nothing is perfect thus there are few places here that have the smelly kind of smell that is really hurtful to the nose.

Day one, visiting Le Tour Eiffle was surely amazing. First impression already make me realise the greatness of advertisement. The tower isn't as tall as am expecting. Am not saying that the KLCC is way greater but indeed it was and will always is. LOL. But astonishing fact bout the tower is that it changes it height over different seasons. This is due to its material, mostly steel that is able to expand and contract depend on the temperature of the surrounding. Amazing rite.

From the top.
Scenic aite.
There are two available option to climb over this tower; either by stairs or lift. As to save up money, me took the hard way up, climbing the stairs to the top will actually paid off with the mesmerizing view of the entire city of Paris. After climbing up and taking photos like crazy, we headed down which is thousand easier compared to when we climb up. Thus, to those sick people, lift is a better choice.

Old church.
This old church, Notre-Dame is beautifully architecture. All those details was spectacular but as me arrived here quite late at the day, didn't have the chance to have a grand tour inside. Thus, off to love bridge. Just a walking distance from the church, we walked here.

Love bridge.
Locked love.
Day 3, we off to another church. I got to say, travelling in Europe will bring you to lots and lots of old and new, modest church. They really good in advertising their church turning them into some sort of tourist point. This time, me crashed into the church and I got to say, the light outside isn't inside. LOL.

With the mission to find the hidden treasure inside this museum was actually quite tough. The naked statue, portraits that cost millions and lots of other historic materials are kept here. As an european student, I got free pass in. Happy me indeed. LOLs.

Christianity art.
That little thing, Mona Lisa.
Later, when people ask, have you seen Mona, I can proudly said yes I do and her father's name is Lisa. 

Close up of the pyramids or perhaps my face.
After the grand tour in the museum, we grabbed this little sweet thing, macaroon. It isn't make us full but enough to taste it. Roar. Actually, the texture is a bit chewy and sweet. Perhaps in Malaysia, you can have laddu in exchange.

My travel-mates.
Eiffle at nite.
Disneyland, will later make other post.
Jardin du Luxembourg.
On the very last day, we all off for a little community time where we all squeezed into the crowd, sun bathing together with them all. Enjoying the glazing hot sun.

Sun bathing.

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