Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love Summer

"Nice to look and nice to hold but once broken consider as sold..."

It was 22012011, during the fine cold night, with a glimmery stars shinning on the dark sky, the story of an innocent man start to begin. The sun light that is reflected by the moon surface make the surrounding look quite dim than usual. The weird feeling of myself filled the entire atmosphere of Teluk Intan. After taking my delicious and tasty cuisine as my dinner, i hop up onto my bike along with my brother, headed straightly to the hypermarket, GIANT.

Actually the main intention why am being here during the night is to buy 2 kg of chicken that cost MYR12.00 something. But like we always been informed by the ancient of Malay proverb, "malang tidak berbau" so after paying for the chicken and 2 perfume, my heart was called by the ONE STOP. It is a bookstore. Why am I going here? I want to buy water colour and a drawing block to express my feeling by drawing and colouring during my school break. But the situation and my financial after the incident had force me to change my way of thinking. The atmosphere become blank.

The main of the story begin here. As I enter the store, I started to look around and my eye ball was lock to these cute creation of human being. I walk slowly to get near to this bear. I touch it with a bare hand and getting very excited. I told my brother"comellah benda nie klu letak kat dalam bilik anonkan..cute jer..." and my brother moving his head up and down signalling that he was agreed with me. I smile from my ear to ear and my brother speak up,"tapi klu mak nampak mampus kene marah sebab beli bende tak bergune nie." and now it is time for me to move my head up and down. It became a brohaha situation. Then I put it back to the place where it came from and I walked away. Suddenly...

BEDEROOM. the bear fall from its origin and I'm getting anxious. "Is it broken?" and I look around whether there is a worker and there it is...looking at me with an unsatisfactory face that make me become more nervous. Walk walk become faster each time I started to step away and the worker approached the crime scene. I try to act cool but the truth I am crazy inside. After a moment everything back to normal without anything happen... but after a double moment, there are a few worker started to search for me in the store and one of the worker pointing her finger to me and said:

"Itu dia kat belakang rak tu."

Now my sweat gland had been stimulated and sweat started to produce. An Indian girl wearing the one stop costume come to me and said:

"Haiya incik ini sudah rosak lah kene beli."
with a fake smiling on my face i said:

"ok..ok..letak dekat kaunter dulu"

After purchasing the bear with MYR17.50 without less or discount, I returned home. My brother and I laughed all the way home because of the accident.

So as a moral lesson, be careful with the above sign because it is very tricky and dangerous. I become phobia with this sign..ha3x

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