Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Best Tour So Far : Reykjavik, Iceland

Indeed it had already been like 2 weeks since my holiday to Iceland. Still the coldness, the people (especially that hot tub grandma) and the waffle are still fresh in my memories. Happiness in all. 8 days and 7 nights well-spent in Iceland was truly one of the best vacation I'd ever had so far and am really looking forward for the next next adventure in my life here.

Iceland isn't a very develop country and on 2010, the country almost underwent bankruptcy but due to few reasons, they manage to survive. Thank god. The population here as well are very small making them feel like they are all connected and perhaps causing them to be abit unfriendlier which I hate the most. I don't know it is genetic or what but their people are the most unfriendliest people I have encounter so far. Don't say to speak to us, even to smile was indeed very hard for them. Plus during my stay here, I'd been "dimarahi" or sort of by like 3-4 people. It's like even when they giving advise, still they look mad. I think this really need to be changed.

My very first frozen lake.
With the crime partners.
And my very own first Olaf.
Indeed running thru a frozen lake, back and forth was a new kind of experience for me. The excitement plus the nervousness was truly ripping me inside out. And know what, we even managed to make a very sweet, small little Olaf using like a lump of icy-snow over the road side. Even people walking by keep staring at us, we were still played the ice like a 9 years old boy that just got a nintendo. Blessed.

The church. Hilmigram bla bla bla.
Sitting on ice.
 This one was on my way back to the studio we rented, we saw like a white snowy field and we were just become super excited. The snow was damn white, soft and truly like real snow. Not hail one like in Dublin. We jumped, making a footprint, handprint and even butterfly effect. Just imagine how sakai we all were doing. But still, what the heck, it is not like we'll coming here again.

Fish Burger at Prikid
Prikid was like the oldest restaurant ever existing in Reykjavik City Centre. The environment in the so called bar was indeed nice and welcoming. I like it but a bit hating toward the smell. It smell like alcohol abit. The Fish Burger was indeed amazing and simply mouth watering. Even the fries itself taste so nice and just damn nice. 

Plus, on my second day in Reykjavik, the weather wasn't so welcoming for other but not for us, it snowing and this was what other hate and we love the most. The snow was like a real snow one. Not just hail but indeed quite strong one till like the snow cover the surface of the road. Omai, recalling it make me really wanna go to another snowy country.

My very first snow.
Then, as the weather changing every five minutes, the sun came out again and we just keep strolling thru out, back and forth in the city. Walking thru every single road, dark places and all kind of short cut. In short, the city itself isn't really big thou. Few glamourous places we just stopped by and takes photos. Plus we all had decided that we wouldn't go to any museum as the entrance fee quite expensive. Stingy us. LOL

The Harpa Concert Hall.
The Harbour.
The Harpa, again
The frozen lake.
Harpa on night mode.
And we all Harpar-ing.
Almost every night we will walk from our studio to Harpa for a free hotspot. Such a shame indeed our studio doesn't have any Wi-Fi coverage. At night, as our Northen Light Tour been cancelled, we decided to go for whale meat tasting. LOL, isn't tasting lah, eating and this was first and perhaps last time I'll be eating minked whale's meat. It tastes nice, a bit chewy and rubbery. One thing I know, it is worth try and totally different from any other kind of meat I have tasted.

Minked Whale Meat.
Super nice waffle for our supper.
And this is just the beginning of my trip. Loads of adventure and exciting activities been done and surely gonna be uploaded in the closest possible time. I am indeed a time procrastinateR.

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