Sunday, March 30, 2014

Iceland : Golden Circle Tour

Indeed another well spend day in Iceland. Totally worth tour I'll said; Golden Circle Tour. A tour that gonna bring you passed an whitish-icy mountain that gonna stunned your eyes. 8/9 hours tour to few main attractions in Iceland like Gulfoss, Geysir, Solomon Stairs and Thermal Geostation were totally a best way to get to know the beauty of Iceland.

Stairway to heaven.
A short stop to a tectonic plates that separates two large continents in the world; Europe and America. The view is picturesque and magnificent. The excitement for the first time to see a vast amount of snow in a vast landscape was totally a new experience for me, and I think the excretion of adrenaline make my body resist the coldness. Wow.

In between the tectonic plates.
Just crossing from America to Europe, without VISA.
Sit and pose for a while.
Along the road.
Thru the journey my eyes was astonished. I cannot even stopped looking thru the bus' glasses to the widely spread whitish. Sometimes I felt that my head is a bit light, float without image as the view was just white, white and white. Still it is beautifully gorgeous.

Sun and ice.
 Then the tour brought us to one of the most popular waterfall in Iceland. According to the tour guide, this waterfall was almost been converted to a hydroelectric dam but due to the efforts of a local women, protesting the government on that time, the plan was cancelled and the waterfall remained. Thanks to the brave girl. Plus, a statue of her is said to be built somewhere around the waterfall. Sadly I cannot find it :(

Me and Gullfoss
Closer view.
180 degrees view of the waterfall.
Omamai, this is one of the world gorgeous phenomena. Am really was enjoying the trip. One of the rare world natural occurring that isn't everywhere, Geysir. This place is known as geysir and the phenomena is also call geysir. What a coincidence? Isn't it. 

This geysir will spouted out its hot water up to 24-25 meter up to the sky approximately every 4 minutes. Sometime once and sometime 2-3 in a row. And know what, I got both and it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 

The geysir area. Got like 10-15 spots.
See the smoke, all of that is the geysir hole and everyone of the have their own name.
Solomon Stairs.
Another waterfall not far away from the Gullfoss, Solomon Stairs if am not mistaken. Got a history behind the name but I ain't focused enough thus can't really recalled it. Lol

And last stop for the day is a Geothermal  Electric Generator. Iceland convert the hot water here to electrical to supply almost 2/3 of their population. Plus, their population isn't that big thou. Not only that, taking shower here (I mean in Iceland) actually not very comfy because most of the hot water supplied directly from the natural water resource making it got the egg-rotten smell due to the present of sulphur in it. Even it is very good for skin problem, am really not a fan to the smell. Yuckss

As tak mampu nak bayar entrance fee, we just stayed outside, in cold. 

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