Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Off To Sunway Pyramid

Right after the trial over, I am thinking of something that is fun and yet something delicious to remove all the stress and the wrinkle that had appear on my face. So, me along with Ayap planned a short trip to Sunway Pyramid. By boarding the RapidKL, we reached there before Jumaat Prayer and for the info, our final paper last at 1030 on the same day. So, yes, today outing was like way swagging and very amazing. Things move slow like there is no more tomorrow. Hell yeah.

So, after the Jumaat Prayer, we straightly off for a late-lunch as we were already very starving. First destination was Delicious. This is my first time here and my rate, so-so. Then we off from shop to shop browsing for new T and shirt. Well not exactly we, it was Ayap actually, and I was like accompanied only. We also went for archery and this was like my first time doing this kind-a thing also. Is it fun? Yes it is. Finally for dinner, we paid a visit to Fullhouse. Now, let see some ransom shot.

Lunch at Delicious. Will be story in detail in the next post.
Blur picca, my bad. At the archery spot, waiting for turn.
And of course, archer me. 
Thanks to Ayap for treating me this, with a coupon. It was so exciting and hilarious.
My shot, out of 12.
Stop by for some snack at Pommes Frites.
Our snack. Can't really recall the name but I guess, the sauce wasn't that nice. Maybe wrong choice perhaps.
Going to Uniqlo looking for a black pant but instead I found this.
Photo with le shocked partner. Damn am looking short. I really need wedges.
Lastly before going back, we had our dinner here at Fullhouse. Again will be told in details in another post.
Then, we straightly went back to our residence. We were so fortunate for not to wait for the bus so long as the luck was on our side and as we walked out the mall, bus was there waiting us. What a day !

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