Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer 2015: Croatia

Croatia is a really wonderful mother-nature country. Totally beautiful; indescribable by words nor writing. I spent almost a week, exploring Croatia from the very north, Zagreb to the very south of Croatia, Dubrovnik. Different cities exhibit it's own amusement and touristy. Totally blow my F mind off. K over termencarut ala-ala Gordon Ramsay.

From a simple town of Zadar to the beauty of Plitvice NP (even hujan thou), am a happy man. Spend a full 2 days at Zadar, totally worth every minutes. The one thing I can't forget or let go of Zadar is the company of amazingly delicious gelato (best I've had so far) over the sound of sea organ. The adventure continue over the coast of Split where I enjoyed the city and experienced the best water sport so far; canyooning at the Cetina River. To top everything of, I spend 3 days at King's Landing Dubrovnik. Best vacation ever.

1. Zagreb

A rainy evening isn't gonna stop me.
Loads of funny yet interesting, sad yet amusing stories here.
Pose, pose even basah.
2. Plitvice National Park

Crystal clear water. Heaven on earth.
Acah acah deep.
Simply breath-taking away. Semputttt.
Lemme build a house here, plizzz.
3. Zadar

The main church at the Old Town.
Fefeeling Anak Laut buku literature form 4.
Enjoying the breeze and the sound of music (sea organ).
Lamp-lamp much. Cliche; over promotion sungguh.
While waiting for the sun to settle.
4. Split

First dive into the water. Chills indeed tapik enjoi.
Nak belakon like Ombak Rindu. Hihihi.
Dioclaten Castle if me not wrong.
Split in all.
5. Cetina River, Omis

Canyooning members.
Seronok bangat much.
Senget kiri as it hard to balanced with those jacket.
6. Dubrovnik

Overly advertise city or perhaps I ajer yang tak minat King's Landing.
7. Isola Lokrum

Mandi laut jernih adalah harus.
Flip much.
Short hike that totally worth. Bukit pacak 45 degree kowt.
Dead sea. I can feel I float on its own. Seriously
Enjoying the sun while it last cause summer isn't forever.


D-SIM said...

best gila nonnn...

selamat hari raya aidiladha!

Asyraf Harun said...

Later kene meetap for u to turunkan ur tips and ilmu bertravelling OMG I SAW U WENT TO 24 countries already kot! 24!