Friday, August 19, 2011

life is NOT only about sweetness.


Being a friend to you meant everything to me,
Without you my life is just like an empty street without light,
Without you my life is just like a tunnel without exit,
Without you my life is just like a coke without vanilla,
Without you, my life is worthless just like a piece of a plain paper.

You complete my entire life with happiness and sadness,
Always make me laugh and cry,
Enjoying life as i want to.

But now is the right moment I let you go,
I let you go from my sight but never from my heart and memory,
To let you achieve your dream and support you ambition,
In the country that you never could explore before.

The fake smile on my face i created special for you,
Not for anybody else, or anybody who,
Because I don't want you to feel the sadness that filled my heart,
The sorrow that I never felt before,
Just in order to let you go.

A pleasant care of good luck to those of you,
Remembering me if you will,
Because I will never forget you as my life still go on,
Cause you are my one of the sweetest memory I have.

Oklah cukup nangis-nangis sampai sini...perah otak lepas subuh taw tak nak buat sajak kejadah nie, memang dari right from the apex of the heart yer...heee^^''...siyesly a thousand of wishes of good luck untuk kome..nanti kat mesir /jordan tue janganlah lupe daratan..tulis-tuliskan lah surat untuk kitorang kat malaysia nie yer...

As the sayonara event, we plan to belanje them and here it is...actually banyak lagi kitorang belanje but takut nanti kome jelezzz pulak so here it is :___:

Harap ape yang kitorang belanje tue cukuplah yer...sebab memang itu aje yang kitorang mampu..sorry sangat kalau tak capai taste kome pre-pengalaman mesir, read this as i promise... [Kerlik, ok]

I more thing, thanks for the angry bird yer, kiut bebenor and i love it...and to amir, why??? again i'm wishing you thousand of good lucks sesangat untuk kome-kome nak fly sudah yer, insyallah kalau dipanjangkan umur, ditentukan lagi jodoh pertemuan kite, bolehlah kite jumpe di mane-mane: New York ker, Austria ker or mane-mane ajelah..ok daaa -____-


anah samsudin said...

all the best wahai adek2 juniorku..hoho :D

unknown said...

tq kakak senior